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3 ways to make your corporate event more engaging!

We live in an age of content on demand, and consequently, attendees at your event will have much higher expectation than in years gone by.

Engaging attendees has always been crucial, but nowadays it is far more challenging. So how in this new era – do you engage your audience?

Works COM make your event engaging


1. Make your content shareable

There are a myriad of opportunities during your event where you can leverage social media and encourage your attendees to participate. Attendees will most likely share quotes and multi-media during an event, it therefore makes sense to look for ways to make your event photo-worthy, therefore prompting attendees to post during the event.

It is therefore important to make your event photo worthy.

Share content from speakers

If you host an event with speakers, encourage sharing of content – for example, tweet or post the key quotes from each event speaker and this encourage sharing across platforms.Tagging the post with your event’s hashtag and @-mentioning the speaker may help this content spread virally as well — both with event attendees and with any people who are watching online.

Alternatively, prepare ahead of time. Prior to the event have the key quotes ready, so you can post them in real-time whilst your event in taking place.

2. Encourage your audience to interact by using questions & polls

Use interactive content, like questions or polls, to ask attendees which performer, or which booth, or even which presentation, they loved the most.

Also, it is worth having a designated person on your team ready to respond to any questions, issues, or comments that people send your way.

Which polling system should you use?

Twitter polls is perhaps the sleekest poll option for doing this quickly or in real-time.

But it is worth being prepared – if you’re planning to create some interactive content, it is good to think about the questions you’d like to ask and what content you’d like to produce beforehand.

3. Livewall – make attendees famous

Livewall is a social media wall that lets you broadcast the latest social media posts on screen. By combining social media posts with pictures and videos on your screen, your event or brand has a brand new experience.

Leverage the excitement of individual attendee’s as they see their content rebroadcast to the entire event audience.

Making your attendee’s famous is never a bad route to take!!


To enable any of the above you will need to make sure that it is easy for attendees to engage and post.

Wifi and outlets:

Check that the venue has both, and publicise the wireless network password if the facility’s wifi isn’t open-access.

You can set up charging stations for those who are running low on battery power. Charging stations become their own little hubs for social interaction.


Create a short (8 – 10 characters, tops) and easy-to-remember hashtag and publicise it everywhere.

Use it prior to the event on your website and social media accounts to generate awareness.

Include the hashtag and an invitation to share on any printed materials you distribute before or during the event, and encourage people to use it on every network (not just Twitter).


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