What we do

Event Management

With so many elements that go into organising an event, there are clear advantages to having a single point of contact, and when that contact is as experienced and focussed as we are then you can be assured that your event will be as good as it can be. In the high pressure environment of corporate events the trust that our clients place in us is reflected in the long standing relationships that we maintain with them. Our ability to deliver exceptional corporate events is a direct reflection of our professionalism; experience counts for everything when you only have one chance to get it right.

Audio Visual Staging

Probably the most under estimated yet single most important factor in the success of an event is the quality of the crew, each technician on a works.com event has proven experience, expertise and dedication to excellence. The equipment we use is chosen specifically to meet the technical requirements of each event and to ensure that it all works together flawlessly we pay special attention to technical planning and system configurations.

Production Services

We offer fresh and innovative ideas that maximise audience engagement and effectively communicate your message. Our designers pride themselves not just on their creative skills but also for their ability to listen; we understand the importance of brand integrity and you can trust us to reliably communicate this through a strong and relevant theme carried through all aspects of a project.

We can interpret your brand idea in the style of such things as invitations, promotional literature, on-screen graphics and themeing. Our videos are produced with flair and imagination and we maintain the highest professional standards throughout the production process; the result is an outstanding video each and every time.

Core Services

AGMs, Analyst Briefings, Staff Updates, Product Launches, Road Shows, Multi-Site Conferencing, Webcasting, Corporate Parties, Family Days, Cocktail Receptions, Exhibitions Stands and Displays.