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6 Key Corporate Event Trends for 2016

A good corporate event should reflect a company’s brand but should also surprise the audience. One way of doing this is keeping abreast of the hottest trends and implementing them to spice up your events.

Here are a few of the hottest corporate event trends for 2016:

1. Mobile Everything

With over 15 million Australians now owning a smart phone it is no wonder that young adults are relying on their mobile as their primary access to the internet.

A hot trend is to harness the power of the mobile with ticket scanning and mobile check-ins, turning your own device into a mobile box office.

2. Live Streaming

Video content is going from strength to strength, happening to a large extent due to the emergence of new apps that enable instant broadcasting.


Check out Facebook Live for your next event. It allows you to broadcast live for up to 90 mins on Facebook with just your smartphone and then, when your broadcast ends, Facebook makes the video available in your Facebook page stream.

Look into Periscope which is a “live video streaming platform” linked to a Twitter account. This basically means you can transmit a live recording of yourself to your Persicope and Twitter followers from your phone. You record and the live stream goes into your Twitter feed. Think Skype call but to the whole community.

Event organisers and even the attendees themselves are now broadcasting live video of events to engage with their audience anywhere in the world.

From interviews with keynote speakers to the ability to stream presentations, events offer a huge range of opportunities for event organisers to utilise live streaming.

Live Streaming is something we offer as part of a standard package on our preferred webcast platform. This is included at no extra charge. Please contact us for more details.

3. Virtual Gift Bags

Paper less is all the rage and technology has made it possible to reduce paper wastage at corporate events such as using mobile check-in and registration.

One step further is the virtual gift bag. This is not only on-trend but gives greater opportunities for creating smarter partnerships.


4. Smarter Partnerships

We all know about paid sponsorship at events but what about complementary partnerships?

Offering products & services at events that appeal to your target audience is a great cost effective way for new businesses to promote themselves as well as for event organisers to offer more to their attendees.

Uber do this well. Uber partner with events big and small, offering attendees free rides and in the process gaining great exposure and hopefully new riders.

5. Hot Topics

Topics inspired by emotional intelligence continue to be a hot trend in the corporate space.

Health & wellbeing, work life balance, mindfulness and consensus management are all on trend.

This softer direction is also being incorporated into events themselves with work/fun balance activities, chill out zones and healthy food options as well as the use of calming colours to create a calmer environment.

On that note – check out Pantone’s 2016 Colours of the Year – Rose Quartz, a pale pink,‬ & ‪Serenity‬, a light blue.

6. In Office Events & how to make an office look good?

One of the trends that we are finding is that Corporates are bringing their six monthly Analyst Results Briefings in house, so we are moving their events into their offices.

So how to make the office environment look good? This is how we did it for CCA recently.

Works CCA Event 1

Not Drapes and Screen again?

Definitely not, today’s digital printing technology allows for large format prints to be used in ways not possible before. Such was the case for the recent Coca-Cola Amatil Results Briefing. With limited space to work with we produced a floor to ceiling graphic backdrop with a white knock out for video projection.

works event trends


The result was a clean professional look allowing us to get away from the tired and dated drapes and screen. Simple, cost effective and a very happy client …

For your next EXCEPTIONAL CORPORATE event – contact us.


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